The Day Oscar Nearly Died - but he didn't so I still have to share everything!

Rottweiler with chicks and ducklings

Last year Oscar was well and truly in the dog house as he cost Mummy a fortune at the vets.

He was there for two whole days and said he had a big needle stuck in his paw by a lady and couldn’t stand up properly cos it hurt so he held it in the air and hopped about on three legs.

He was really frightened because he didn’t know if he would ever see us again. The vet said that it was touch and go and kept talking to Mummy in a serious voice and she cried.

You may be wondering what Oscar did to end up in such a state.

Well Mummy found him looking really poorly one morning last Easter. He was spaced out and couldn’t stand up properly so she panicked and ran around the house asking if anyone had seen him eating anything the day before. Actually I had eaten a stick and a few stones from the garden but no one was bothered about me!

Jasmine (my favourite hooman) found a chocolate wrapper on the floor in her room (along with a dirty sock, some pants, some hair from her hair brush and a load of charging cables) but it was the chocolate wrapper that made Mum panic.

She rang the place where I go for my injections and treats and took him straight away.

I had Mum and Dad all to myself for two whole days! It was great! But I did miss using him as a pillow and licking his ears.

Anyway he did come back home after what seemed like ages but he told me what they did to him and so I will never ever eat chocolate! I WILL eat horse poo, more sticks, and practically anything else that I can hoover up on my walks, but not chocolate!

At least not human chocolate!

My friend Archie has been told he is getting a dog friendly Easter egg this year and I have asked for one too! Apparently they are made from carob which is a safe chocolate substitute and you can get them here...let me know how many you can eat whole :)

You can spoil your dog too if you go Pets at Home or make your own with this recipe - it's dead easy and me and Oscar LOVE it!


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