Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy in Summer!

10 Ways to keep your dog cool in summer


Any responsible dog owner will know that dogs and heat are not compatible and it is up to us to make sure that our furry friends are kept comfortable during spells of hot weather.

This is sometimes easier said than done, especially if you live in a flat and don’t have access to a garden or shady area without leaving the house.

We have put together some top tips to ensure that you can all see the summer months out comfortably.


1/ NEVER leave them in the car!! Even with the windows down!

It never ceases to amaze us how many dogs we still see in cars in hot weather, while the owner ‘pops’ into a shop or chats with a neighbour! It seems obvious to most of us but clearly some people just cannot imagine wearing a thick fur coat and being locked into an oven for 30 minutes or so!!


2/ Put down wet towels for them to lie on

if they are confined to the house and make sure they have plenty of drinking water.


3/ Ensure there is plenty of shade

for them to lie in, and if they are left in the house while you are at work, draw the curtains to keep the room cool.


4/ A paddling pool

in a shady area of the garden is a great way for your dog to have a splash about and cool off when they feel like it.


5/ Fill a hot water bottle

with cold water and put it in their bed. MAKE SURE they do not chew them though as they could be ingesting toxic material! You could also wrap ice packs in a towel and pop that in their bed but again keep an eye on them.


6/ Cool coats are a must

for days out in the sun! The best ones are made from a chamois like fabric and run under the cold tap. Just wring out and fit on your dog. We wish they made these for humans too!


7/ Groom

Ensure that your dogs’ coat is kept in good condition and groom regularly. A well-groomed coat will allow cool air to get to their skin. Whilst grooming check for fleas, ticks and grass seeds as these will irritate the skin and ultimately your wallet if they penetrate the skin!


8/ Hot surfaces can really hurt

your dog's foot pads, particularly sand or tarmac. If these surfaces feel too hot for you, the chances are your dog's thinking the same. Just don’t walk them on pavements or raods while it’s hot. Stick to grassy areas or find your local woods where it is shady and cool.


9/ Walk your dog at cool times of the day!

early in the morning before the sun get’s hot, and last thing at night. Make sure they have access to an outdoor area  for comfort breaks through the day.


10/ Brain Train

Invent games that don’t involve running around to keep your dog stimulated if they are a naturally active breed. Things like hunt the treat or toy will encourage them to move around without running, and you could use this game to entice them into the shade or paddling pool too.


7 Symptoms of Heatstroke in dogs!

It is a really good idea to be aware of the symptoms of heat stroke as it can be fatal if not recognised and treated in time!


  1. Is your dog panting heavily?
  2. Does he/she have glazed eyes
  3. Are they salivating excessively?
  4. Do they seem uncoordinated?
  5. Is their pulse racing?
  6. Are they vomiting or suffering from diarrhoea?
  7. Have they lost consciousness?


To treat a dog with these symptoms you must act immediately!

Take them to a cool shady area

Apply towels soaked in cold water to the head neck and chest

Let them drink water or lick an ice cube

NEVER place them in ice cold water or give them too much to drink. This could send them into SHOCK!


Phone your vet and ask for advice! They may want you to take your dog in so be prepared to cool down your car while you are talking to them – open the windows or put on the air con!


We hope that has given you some ideas…what tips do you have for keeping your pets cool?

It doesn’t have to be a dog!  



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