It's National Hug Your Hound Day

Nothing beats a good old chat and cuddle from your dog - unless you have more than one in which case it can turn into a bit of a 'bundle' as they both vie for your attention!

Some of my best chill out moments are with the dog...and mostly without another human to distract from the whole bonding experience.

So we wondered what other ways could you show your appreciation for your best friend..of course we are all about celebrating your pets and our site is full of fantastic ways to gift that love to someone you know...sort of a recognition that they love something a little bit more than anyone else.

But apart from being the local 'mad old dog lady' or 'gent' you can make appreciating your pet a perfectly socially acceptable thing. 

We listed some of the ways you could show your appreciation of your pooch al with added benefits to you and your dog!

  1. A walk to somewhere different where it is safe to let your dog off the lead so he/she can run free...always a caveat to this one - make sure there is no livestock where your dog is off lead, and also that they remain under control!
  2. Book them into the local grooming parlour for a wash and blow dry - this definitely has benefits that you will also appreciate - in fact we recommend this prior to observing 'Hug Your Hound' day!
  3. Is it time to throw the smelly old bed away and get them a new one? There are only so many bashings in a washing machine that they will take (or crammed in dog beds that the washing machine can take!)
  4. Check out your local Raw Food supplier for some tasty snacks and treats! You may, depending on your dietary preferences, have to send someone else in as it is a bit like walking into an animal version of Silent Witness but your dog doesn't possess your sensitivities and they LOVE a good old chomp on a rabbits ear (eugh - sorry if you are reading this eating your breakfast!)
  5. If you own a business that allows humans in - eg cafe..why not allow dogs for the day? It will be entertaining if nothing else!

Happy Hugging Everyone!


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